Beef liver: The nutrient-dense superfood you might be overlooking for your baby

Once upon a time, mamas fed their 6-month-old babies animal liver – from chicken to lamb to beef.

 No, really, they did – and babies gobbled it up!

These mamas understood that liver is a literal powerhouse of healthy fats, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals.

But many mamas still shy away, because:

  1. They think feeding liver to their babies is weird
  2. Liver is high (we mean really high) in vitamin A, leading parents to ask the question... 

Is beef liver healthy for babies?

And our answer is, absolutely!

In small amounts, beef liver is incredibly healthy for babies as it’s high in protein, and packed with nutrients, like:

  • Amino acids that build new proteins for your baby's growing body.
  • Zinc that strengthens your baby's immune system to fight off infections.
  • Iron, Vitamin B12 and folate that promote your baby's healthy brain development.
  • Vitamin A which supports your baby's vision, immune function, and skin health.
  • Selenium for your baby's thyroid gland, which helps regulate metabolism and growth.
  • Choline that supports your baby's brain development and can help improve memory and learning later in life.

So, what's the hold up?

A problem of prep

Organ meats like liver are key in helping babies grow healthy and strong.

Thing is, adding organ meat to your teeny bop’s menu is challenging.

Babies can’t just eat chunks of liver, and it needs to be prepared just right so your baby can eat (and actually enjoy) it!

And we've got the answer to that!

Grab a bag o’ Beef bites for healthier beanie babies


Forget about research and painstaking prep work because we do the hard part, preparing organ meats in our commercial kitchen, and sneaking the perfect amount of liver into our Beef Bites.

That means your little one can feast on healthy fats, essential vitamins and minerals – but without that funky ‘liver’ taste.

How do we hide that taste, you ask?

Trade secret, babe.

We could tell you, but then you’d have to come work for us.



Co-owner of Boom Baby Food Co, and mama to two healthy teeny bops!

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