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Amaranth Foods

We do things differently...

Focused on vegetables, adding healthy fats, local ingredients, keeping of peels for fibre, no preservatives, no top allergens; just some of the many reasons to choose Boom Baby Food.

Nutrient Dense

Our food is high in nutrients, but we're always looking for recipes and methods to further what we currently have going. We don’t pasteurize or use high heat processing. We keep the peels of certain produce where the peel is highly beneficial. We use whole food, no preservatives, and freeze dry our food to make it shelf stable and hold onto all it's nutrient value.

Sourcing Local

Southern Alberta is rich in farm land and we’re proud to be supporters of the agriculture and farmers we work with. The benefits from sourcing local is most of the produce is shipped to our facility within a 100km radius, lessening the impact on the environment and boosting quality of the product. Visiting our farmers and discussing how the land/meat is grown/raised gives us confidence we've chosen the best for our food.

What You Won't See

No additives. No peservatives. No top allergens (gluten, dairy, egg, soy, fish, nuts). No added sugar. Since our foods are veggie focused most of our products have a very low sugar content compared to leading baby food brands.

Time is Currency

Our food puts time back into caregivers' lives so they can be intentional with their little ones and worry less about being in the kitchen. 

Little's deserve the best!

Studies are showing the first three years of a child’s life is impacting their developing palate. What they eat in this time frame is molding their desires for certain foods later in life. 

Who is Boom Baby?

Matt + Tannis from Lethbridge, AB