Honestly? We leave it to you and here’s why:
Parents will always know what’s best for their kids. You are the one who is with them all day and watching them grow. I feel like there’s been so much fear passed around that has been too easy to cling to for moms and I would like to give some confidence back to whoever needs it: YOU ARE DOING GREAT! You’re a great mom making great decisions and moving forward to the best of your ability. Obviously there are some key points for starting baby on puffs… can they sit and chew? Do you feel like they will be able to gum down a puff? You’ve seen them eat and know what they are capable of… so be confident in your decision!

Pumpkin Pie is the softest of all our puffs because of the coconut milk so if you wanted to test the waters my suggestion is to start with that flavour and see how they do! And if they don’t seem ready try again in a few days. Babies are growing and learning so fast that just a few days may be all they need.

Right now we only can ship to Alberta residences. We are in the works at being approved to sell across Canada! Follow us on social and submit to our newsletter to stay in the know for when we launch Canada wide!

Freeze dried products are good for a very long time. We have listed a two year best before date on our packaging.

We say to consume within 7 days for optimal freshness. If moisture sneaks in, then the food will spoil faster, so make sure you always have it sealed and in a dry storage spot!