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We Do Things Differently

We Prep, You Provide

Convenient vegetables!
Prepping veggies is time consuming for parents. We make it easy to overcome the challenge of finding nutritious food for your toddler’s hunger hurdles.

Local Ingredients

Farm to Table!
Sourcing most of our ingredients right here in Southern Alberta. We take the time to find the farms and source the best produce for your littles.

Tastes Good

Find yourself in a food funk?
Lil’ Buddy Puffs can be a snack or a meal additive. They provide your buddies with: nutritional value, fibre, and expand a savoury palate; optimizing sleep and stabilizing moods.

Lil' Buddy Puffs
We make eating vegetables FUN!
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Baby Blends
Breakfast Squash
Serve alone, top your oatmeal, yogurt, add to smoothies or mix into noodles.

Happy Moms + Happy Babies


I love giving my baby Boom Baby Food, I know he is getting a healthy meal and I love being able to take as many pucks out of the freezer that I need, minimizing waste.


Just wanted to let you know my toddler AND my dog are obsessed with the pumpkin pie puffs.


In this busy season of life and feeding littles around the clock. I'm verrrrrry thankful for Boom Baby Food products!


Starting solids was 😬, but with Boom Baby there was no worry about what is in the food I was giving and it was super easy for those tired days to just grab a puck or two from the freezer and her meal was all ready to go!


Rowyn absolutely loves all the purées (haven’t tried the other things yet) the Green Smoothie is her all time favourite, she would drink that all day every day if she could. We are so grateful for what you guys do and to have clean baby food that I don’t have to question giving my baby!


Having 3 kids meant little time to make my own baby food. I love the variety, ease and convenience and flavours. Even my big kids love them!


Nutritious bowls that are so easy to prep, and even I was licking the spoon!


The pucks are perfect to have in the freezer for when you need something quick and healthy. Especially if you have different meal needs for family members.

Why sourcing local is important to us

We care about where our food comes from, and you can taste the difference.

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