Beet Borscht Pizza

Beet Borscht makes its way into pizza, adding protein and veggies to a fun and easy meal.

BLW Healthy Pizza

Picky eaters and baby led weaning this one’s for you!

Beet Borscht Kids Pizza

We hear you in the kitchen not knowing what to make for lunch. We hear you striving to find healthy alternatives and still be a fun mom. We see you taking time to make good lunches for your little one, and not having time to make anything for yourself. We know the struggle and we don’t want you standing in the kitchen eating the leftover noodles or chowing down some cereal, sacrificing your own nutritional needs!

Beet borscht pureé is not just for little babies, not anymore! Picky eaters will love this meal – it is pizza, after all! Beet Borscht has nutritious vegetables AND good, hearty, grass-fed Alberta beef! Packed with nutrients, you can feel good about using this sauce to supplement baby’s meal time. By trading out traditional tomato sauce for beet borscht pureé, your babe gains all the nutritional benefits without having to add toppings! You save on prep work, and your kids get the CHEESE ONLY pizza they crave!

I keep all these ingredients on hand in the freezer. They’re simple to heat up for a delicious lunch that’s ready in a flash!

Beets for babies


Naan Bread
Boom Baby's Beet Borscht
Shredded Cheese
Toppings Optional

Thaw beet borscht pucks in hot water or microwave. Spread onto the naan bread. Top with favourite toppings and cheese. Broil in oven until the cheese has melted. Cut into fun pizza slices and serve!

Better food = healthier babies.

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