It Takes a Village – 3 Reasons Why We Source Local Ingredients

local, farm-grown carrots

Juicy beets from Nobleford.

Tender beef from Pincher Creek.

Nutty butternut squash and candy-like carrots from Coaldale that just might make your baby sing.

Ok, so we’re not promising singing babies, but all the rest – that’s our commitment to you.

When we started Boom Baby Food Co., sourcing the bulk of our ingredients from farms we could trust – farms we could actually visit – was essential.

So, we set out to meet our neighbours and find partners we could trust to grow quality ingredients.

Fruitful partnerships to nourish the next generation

It’s taken time to find the right people. It’s taken a few kilometres of walking the soil, and lots of amazing conversations with farmers and ranchers who are passionate about growing high-quality, sustainable food.

It’s the fruits of these partnerships that give your teeny bops the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong… it takes a village, after all!

3 reasons Boom Baby Food works with local producers

a local farmer shares about his growing process

Fresher, nutrient-dense and better-tasting

Fresh is best – simple as that. Because our producers focus on growing high-quality, seasonal ingredients picked at the peak of ripeness, they’re packed with flavour and nutrients for baby-building goodness.

Supports the local economy

Buying local means we’re directly supporting the livelihoods of local businesses, which helps to create more jobs and stimulate economic growth in our local southern Albertan communities. This creates a ripple effect, as spending tends to stay within the community, circulating to other local businesses, and building up a stronger place to call home.

Promotes environmental stewardship

Raising up a healthy next generation means squat if we’re not looking for ways to keep our planet healthy too. Locally produced food doesn’t need to travel far to reach your plate, and that means it’s helping to reduce the impact on the environment. That’s low-carbon living, baby!


We're so grateful to be on this journey together – thanks for following along as we seek to raise a healthier generation through key partnerships with passionate people!


Co-owner of Boom Baby Food Co, and mama to two healthy teeny bops!

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